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Sac Any Color Vivid Lands Lairs Sac Tri-Lands Tap Tri-Lands Tri-Color Filters Tribal Tri-Lands Battle Lands Bounce Duals Check Lands Cycling Duals Depletion Duals Fast Lands Filter Duals Futuresight Duals Gates Life-Gain Duals Manaless Filters Manland Duals Pain Lands Pause Lands Scry Lands Shock Lands Show Duals Snow Duals Storage Duals Tainted Lands Tap Duals Tap Pain Lands Tribal Duals True Duals Eldrazi Lands Cycling Deserts ETB Spell Lands Hideaways Keyword Lands Legend(ary) Lands Legendary Assist Lands Legendary Transformers Mono Bounces Mono Depletions Lands Mono Manlands Mono Storage Lands Perm Type Legendaries Perm Utility Lands Replacement Lands Sac Desert Snow Basics Threshold Lands Zendikar Landmarks Artifact Lands Basic Lands Cycling Lands Blighted Lands Innistrad Landmarks Krosan Verge Panoramas Ravnica Landmarks Copy Lands Banding Lands Fast Basic Fetches Pain Fetches Slow Fetches Other Lands

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CI: Allied CI: Enemy CI: Shard CI: Wedge

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CI: Colorless CI: White CI: Blue CI: Black CI: Red CI: Green CI: Azorius CI: Selesnya CI: Dimir CI: Rakdos CI: Gruul CI: Orzhov CI: Boros CI: Izzet CI: Simic CI: Golgari CI: Esper CI: Bant CI: Naya CI: Grixis CI: Jund CI: Jeskai CI: Mardu CI: Abzan CI: Sultai CI: Temur CI: Domain

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Basic Legendary Snow


Desert Dryad Forest Gate Island Lair Locus Mine Mountain Plains Power-Plant Swamp Tower Urza’s



Restricted: V


Banned: C Banned: CL Banned: L Banned: M

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