Color Identity:

MTG Lands

All lands, unfiltered

Sac Any Color

Vivid Lands


Sac Tri-Lands

Also known as: Saclands

Tap Tri-Lands

Also known as: Shard Lands

Tri-Color Filters

Also known as: Homelands

Tribal Tri-Lands

Battle Lands

Also known as: BFZ Check Lands, Tango Lands

Bounce Duals

Also known as: Karoo Duals

Check Lands

Also known as: Buddy Lands

Cycling Duals

Depletion Duals

Also known as: Counter Lands, Slow Lands

Fast Lands

Filter Duals

Also known as: Shadowmoor/Eventide Filters

Futuresight Duals


Also known as: Gate Duals

Life-Gain Duals

Also known as: Gain Lands, Life Lands, Refuges, Khans Taplands

Manaless Filters

Also known as: Odyssey Filters, Signet Lands, Slow Filter Lands

Manland Duals

Also known as: Manlands, Elemental Lands

Pain Lands

Pause Lands

Also known as: Slow Lands, Untap Duals

Scry Lands

Shock Lands

Show Duals

Also known as: Shadow Lands, Hand Lands

Snow Duals

Also known as: Snow Taplands

Storage Duals

Also known as: Battery Duals

Tainted Lands

Tap Duals

Also known as: Taplands

Tap Pain Lands

Tribal Duals

Also known as: Tribal Lands, Lord Lands

True Duals

Also known as: Dual Lands, Legacy Duals

Eldrazi Lands

Cycling Deserts

ETB Spell Lands


Keyword Lands

Also known as: Ability Lands

Legend(ary) Lands

Legendary Assist Lands

Legendary Transformers

Mono Bounces

Also known as: Karoos

Mono Depletions Lands

Mono Manlands

Mono Storage Lands

Also known as: Battery Lands

Perm Type Legendaries

Perm Utility Lands

Also known as: Shadowmoor Utility Lands

Replacement Lands

Sac Desert

Snow Basics

Threshold Lands

Zendikar Landmarks

Artifact Lands

Basic Lands

Cycling Lands

Blighted Lands

Innistrad Landmarks

Krosan Verge


Ravnica Landmarks

Copy Lands

Banding Lands

Fast Basic Fetches

Pain Fetches

Slow Fetches

Other Lands

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